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New week , new meal plan, Fit for 30 June Edition still going strong. This month’s meal plan isn’t as harsh as last month’s and there are no holidays that cause would make it more of a challenge.

Fit for 30 June Edition consists of a low sugar diet. This meal plan doesn’t include any yogurt, and no sweet snacks. We are still incorporating protein shakes for snacks or meal supplements but it will only include fruit but not too much.

I am working out three days a week for one hour. Each workout targets specific parts of the body. For example this morning workout ‘leg day’ , all workouts geared to work my legs.

I warmed up by running three laps, 1 set of bodyweight squats 25 reps, 10 leg kicks each leg, and 25 jumping jacks. The warm-up is simply to get your heart racing, get your adrenaline going for the workout ahead.

Typically before my workout I do not eat, I will have 1 banana. Now this is being I always workout in the morning, for most people you may workout during your lunch hour or after work so of course you’ve consumed food by that time. During my workout I will finish 1 water bottle, and we know if you’ve been reading my fitness post I struggle with my water intake. If I have 1 water bottle during my workout I will try to finish 2-3 more throughout the day.

Today’s meal :

Breakfast: 3 slices of turkey bacon, egg white omelette with spinach. 1 bottle of water

Lunch: Salmon with asparagus. 1 bottle of water

Snacks: Protein smoothie with, whey protein, almond milk and berries.

Dinner: Salmon with broccoli 1 bottle of water

This week’s main course is salmon, which isn’t too much different from what I already eat. I typically switch from salmon, tilapia , and baked chicken. The challenge for me is snacking. No yogurt, no complete cookie, no nutrigrain or fruit bar. Only dried peanuts, just a handful. One thing I try not to do is eat dinner after 8pm depending upon how busy I am and if I’m on the go I try to eat light.

I wanted to share with you my progress pic for week 2.

The weather has been very nice these days so you can always take you’re at home workouts outside! You don’t have to go to the gym to do cardio, go out for a run, go for a walk, you can take a yoga mat anywhere to get in a good workout!

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