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As you know if you follow me on social media or have been checking out my Youtube vlogs I am in beauty school. For the last four years I’ve taught myself how to do makeup solely on myself. Within the last six months I’ve been teaching myself how to do makeup on others. When you want something bad enough you won’t allow anything to get in your way.

Last week I made a post on Facebook and Instagram seeking models to do makeup for my portfolio for school and also to promote my brand. I was hesitant and I was already assuming no one would want to do it. Little did I know people responded right away. Friends of mine and even people I haven’t spoke to in a while reaching out wanting to help me in anyway. Honestly who doesn’t want to get their makeup done for free.

Being as though I work in the morning during the week and I go to class in the evening, the weekends are the only time I have to do makeup. This was another reason to look forward to the weekend , I get to beat faces and I really prepared myself as if they were paying clients.

Let me share how awesome God is. Saturday I had two people to do makeup. I didn’t ask them what they look they wanted , I did my own thing and created something different for each. While I was doing one person’s makeup her friend arrived at her house and it happened to be her birthday and she was celebrating that night. She stated she couldn’t find anyone to do her makeup and she didn’t really plan to wear makeup but asked how much I charge and if I was available. I was available and I was prepared. One thing I learned from Kash Barb was that when she first started out she kept her makeup in her car so that she would be ready anytime she got a call or unexpected appointment to do makeup. I had plenty of foundation in my kit even though I knew the shades of the two people I was working on that day.

When it comes to achieving your goals, once you write them down, research what it is you need to do to achieve them and do it. You can’t expect help, you can’t expect it to just come to you. You can’t expect things to change for the better if you’re not changing your actions. Too often went to get comfortable, and we feel a sense of entitlement and you will be disappointed when you live life that way.

The hardest thing about being in the beauty industry is building your clientele and maintaining it. With social media the industry can seem oversaturated but what sets you apart is how you do your skill and your personality and professionalism.

If you’re just starting out in makeup and you don’t know where to start with building your makeup kit, search YouTube, Google, and Pinterest. Don’t overwhelm yourself with trying to buy everything at once. When you’re just starting out of course you will be on a budget and that’s okay.

When I do makeup I travel to my clients. I bring a makeup chair that’s suitable for the client and myself so I’m not hurting my back. Which I purchased on Amazon.

I also bring a ring light so that I have adequate lighting which is very important and I bring my Canon Rebel T5i camera for before and after pictures even though my iPhone 8+ takes great photos.

Here are some photos of the work I did this past weekend.

Two weekends out each month I will do someone’s makeup for free for my portfolio in the midst of building my clientele.

If you’re in the Pittsburgh area send an email to to book me for your special occasion.

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